Devine 20 Meter Audiosnake 12/4

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Devine SNC-20-12-4 stage snake XLR multi-cable 12-way 20 metres
Product no.: 9000-0013-6505
Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.
The Devine SNC-20-12-4 XLR stage snake is a practical multi-cable with an impressive length of 20 metres. It is equipped with 16 XLR cables - 12 with an input connector and 4 with an output connector - so you can transmit 12 signals and receives 4. As the cables are bundled in a single sheathing, you no longer need to worry about tangled cables on stage. An iron stage box protects the cables from wear and tear, and is fitted with a practical handle for easy transport. A cable tie is included to keep your cable neatly coiled.

Devine SNC: for a well-organised stage
Each cable of the SNC-20-12-4 has its own colour and letter marking, so you can distinguish between the various connectors in the blink of an eye. Solid heat shrink tubing keeps the cables neatly bundled and reduces the chance of cable breakage. Transporting the stage snake is easy thanks to a handle on top of the stage box, and pull relief protects the inputs and outputs of your mixer from damage. From now on, you can connect your speakers, monitors, microphones and other gear in a practical, well-organised way with the Devine SNC-20-12-4 stage snake.

Tips or comments about this product
Please note: the image shows the 12-in/4-out model. The SNC-20-12-4 will be delivered.

Product features
Number of inputs 9 - 16
Number of outputs 4
Reel no
Length in metres 20 - 24.99 m
Type of audio connector XLR 3-pin
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